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Approved on: 14 Oct 2013
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1: Development of Resources

The College is committed to developing the Library through the acquisition of books, journals, audio-visual materials, and by providing access to a multiplicity of resources available through the Internet. These resources include journal indexes, full-text databases and E-books. The college’s acquisition of physical and electronic resources is governed by its Library Collection Development Policy.

2: Accessibility of Resources and Training

The College ensures that all students/trainees and lecturers have access to the resource materials essential for reading, research, preparation of papers and oral presentations, and video viewing.

All enrolled students shall have access to the library catalogue, electronic databases and e-books on a 24 hour basis through the Internet. A Library User’s Manual shall be made available on-line and through hard copy. This manual directs students/trainees in the use of the on-line catalogue, on-line journal indexes, full-text databases, E-books, printing and photocopying facilities.

For students who live outside the Melbourne metropolitan area the library will provide free postage of requested items to the student’s nominated address. The student will be responsible for returning the books in person or paying for the return postage. An extension to standard borrowing times will be made to allow for postal delays.

The College ensures that the Library collection is catalogued in accordance with the Dewey classification scheme with respect to shelving of the collection. In addition, the content of individual items within the collection are assigned American Library of Congress Subject Headings. Librarians operate in accordance with guidelines provided in the document - Library Acquisitions and Cataloguing Standard Operating Procedures.

The College runs training programs to equip students/trainees and lecturers to competently and efficiently access the various collections. All students/trainees are expected to attend Library training sessions provided by the librarians at the commencement of each semester of study.

3: Copyright

The College ensures that all students/trainees and lecturers are conscious of their responsibilities with respect to copyright laws. On-line and physical documents that outline photocopying protocols provide sufficient information to ensure that copyright laws are observed.

4: Support for Academics

The College shall support academic staff by granting them library borrowing privileges. The library shall also offer to academic staff discounts for text-books and other library services. Further detail is listed in the Academics and Visiting Academics Library Privileges Policy.

5: Support for Students

There is a trend for students to have increased expectations and/or desires for assistance in the library. However, the finite human resources (Librarian’s time) necessitates a policy to balance these two competing demands. This policy is the Library Assistance Policy.

6: Borrowing, Overdues and Reservations

The library has instigated a graded borrowing policy where the higher the level of study the greater the borrowing privileges in terms of number of items and loan length. The policy is re-evaluated at the end of each year with the overarching desire to provide maximum accessibility for the majority of borrowers.

As part of maintaining this accessibility the extension of any loan is not permitted. Where there are multiple copies of an item, the borrower may take out another copy as the computer recognizes it as a separate item.

To ensure that this policy is not abused a fine shall be levied on all overdue items. To minimise the risk of students being fined all checked items shall be processed with a Due Date receipt at the time of borrowing.

Books in great demand for a particular unit are restricted for use within the Library. These are either in the reference collection or are held within the Library Office on the 3-hour reserve shelf. Other resources may be placed on short-term loan at the request of academic staff. It is not possible to reserve items that are out on loan. This policy has been implemented to facilitate the maximum availability of resources (previous experience has indicated that most items reserved by students have not been picked up within one week of the item becoming available).

7: Provision of Internet

The library shall provide access to the Internet through cabled computers and also through the provision of Wireless Networks to students with laptops, tablets or other Internet enabled devices.

8: Provision of Other Services

The library shall provide photocopying and printing services for a fee. Thermal binding, spiral binding, and book covering shall be provided for a fee. In addition, a second-hand book-stall shall also be provided subject to the availability of suitable items.

9: External Membership

External library membership is available to members of the public for a nominal fee. A discount on this membership fee will be offered to anyone who has previously completed study with the College or Stirling Theological College.

Similar borrowing privileges shall apply to those for students and staff. In particular, fines shall be applied for overdue items, there shall be no re-borrowing of items and there can be no reservation of items.

External borrowers may only use electronic resources such as journal databases and E-books within the library. Remote access to these resources is not permitted due to licensing restrictions.

The library reserves the right to deny external borrower applications as its primary role is to service enrolled students and academic staff.