Student Responsibilities


Last reviewed
Mon, 14 May 2018

To make clear what is expected of the College students.

Approved on: 14 Oct 2013
Amended on: 17 Dec 2013
Review cycle: 2 Years
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Learning, Teaching and Research Committee

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Academic Board

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Academic Standards and Risk Committee Minute Secretary

To make clear what is expected of the College students.

Each student is expected to:

  • demonstrate the highest standards of conduct at all times;
  • attend all prescribed College worship, lecture, tutorial, seminar and practical sessions regularly and punctually;
  • submit all assignment work by the due dates specified on the unit guides;
  • ensure they meet the requirements of their course as prescribed on the College website with the assistance of their Course Advisor;
  • show respect for all staff and guest lecturers;
  • show respect and consideration for other members of the student body, and respect their property; take part in assigned practical duties at the College;
  • follow the guidelines in the Student Handbook section of the website;
  • advise the Registrar in writing, using the appropriate forms, if he/she is withdrawing from a unit, deferring or withdrawing from a course or changing a course of study;
  • advise Reception of any changes to his/her personal details which the College has on record to ensure contact details are accurate; and
  • be neat, clean and modest in dress.