Course Review Policy



This policy sets the requirements for annual course reporting by the Dean of Learnng and Teaching and review by the Academic Board.

Approved on: 07 Nov 2016
Review cycle: 3 Years
Owned by

Learning, Teaching and Research Committee

Approved by

Academic Board

Policy Contact: 
Secretary, Learning Teaching and Research Committee

To assist the Academic Board to fulfil their responsibilities, annual course reports will be prepared by the Dean of Learning and Teaching. The internal process of preparing course reports will ensure that there is regular monitoring and improvement of all key facets of the College’s course offerings.


This policy sets the requirements for annual course reporting by the Dean of Learnng and Teaching and review by the Academic Board.


The policy applies to the Dean of Learning and Teaching, all Coordinators and the Academic Board.


The Dean of Learning and Teaching will manage the process of preparing a brief course report to the Academic Board.

Course reports will be constructed in consultation with the relvant cordinators having completed course review reports.

Course review reports should be completed by September 30 to enable for submission to the Academic Board. Data is available to cordinators to assist with preparing the annual course reports.

The course review reports will include information on:

  • The role of the course within the School, and College plans
  • The relationship of the course to other courses within the College
  • The success of the course in achieving its aims and objectives
  • Benchmarking of the course with other courses in the sector
  • Student demand for the course
  • Student feedback from End of Semester Evaluation Surveys, Course Experience and Graduate Destination Survey data,
  • Enrolment, retention, progression and assessment data related to the course
  • How the course develops the Graduate attributes of the College
  • Staffing and resource issues associated with the course
  • Perceived strengths and weaknesses of the course
  • Improvements made to the course since the previous course report, and the outcomes of these improvements
  • Recommended improvements to be made to the course in the following years.

Data sources for the Course Review Report will include:

  • Results from End of Semester Evaluation Surveys and their response rates
  • Results from Course Experience Questionnaire and Graduate Destination Survey data
  • Results from the Student Experience Survey
  • Student attrition and progression rates
  • Applicants, commencements, number of students, EFTSL, completion rates, average completions times
  • Demographic statistics including the cohorts of focus for monitoring - first year students and first in family  
  • Planned improvements/changes for the previous year

The course report submitted to the Academic Board by the Dean of Learning and Teaching will be relatively brief and will focus on:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the course identified through the analysis
  • A summary of progress against the planned improvements specified within the previous course report
  • Plans for improvement based on current report findings.

Annual course reports will be used as input to cyclic strategic planning and course re-accreditation.

The Academic Board (or a sub-committee of the board) will undertake a process of review giving consideration to the following criteria:

  • Progress made against plans for improvement specified in the previous years’ reports, including success or failure of actions listed
  • Review of appropriateness of actions listed within each improvement plan given:
    • current College priorities
    • review findings
    • performance indicator data
  • Academic Board recommendations for additional actions to be included in the improvement plans Incorporation of previous year’s peer review feedback.