Marketing and Advertising Procedures - HE

Approved on: 
Monday, 27 July, 2020
Contact Person: 
Communications Manager

To establish responsibilities for ensuring that the College disseminates accurate and current information about itself and its HE services.


These procedures apply to all marketing and advertising activities of the College; and are the responsibility of the staff or departments specifically assigned.


Responsibilities of the Academic Administration Team

  1. Consult with academic staff, the Academic Standards and Risk Committee and documents relating to TEQSA Standards, registration and accreditation to ensure that all information provided is accurate, ethical and meets regulatory requirements.
  2. Review the website prior to the start of each semester and implement any changes necessary to ensure that all information about courses therein accurate and current.
  3. Ensure that the website displays the tuition fees payable by a student and any other expenses that a student can expect.
  4. Ensure that the website displays details (including exclusions e.g. for Domestic students only) about potential government financial assistance and government funded subsidies.
  5. When the College’s scope of registration changes or there is a change to the list of HE accredited courses, ensure the website is updated to correctly represent these changes.
  6. Ensure all Course and Unit Codes are accurately displayed on the website
  7. Advise staff, faculty and visiting lecturers of any updated information which has implications for the conduct of their College activities.

Responsibilities of the Communications Manager

  1. Update the website when instructed by the Registrar or Dean of Studies.
  2. As the College’s website is the primary method for advertising the services of and information about the College, the Communications manager will ensure that all other forms of marketing and advertising point information seekers to the website.
  3. Ensure that there is consistent marketing and branding across all marketing channels and formats.
  4. Ensure that all paper-based advertising materials include the following:
    • The College name
    • The College logo
    • The College website address
    • Contact information
    • CRICOS registration name and number (where necessary see below)
  5. Ensure that any radio advertisements include the following:
    • The College name
    • The College website address
    • Contact information
  6. Obtain the written consent of any individual or organisation before using that person or organisation in any advertising.
  7. Ensure that any joint marketing materials involving third parties meet all the requirements listed above; as well as any regulatory requirements pertaining to the College as a registered Higher Education Provider.