Academic Standards and Risk Committee Terms of Reference


Last reviewed
Mon, 20 April 2020

To outline the purpose, membership and terms of reference of the Academic Standards and Risk Committee.

Approved on: 20 Apr 2020
Amended on: 20 Apr 2020
Review cycle: 3 Years
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Academic Board

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Academic Board

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Dean of Academic Administration

To outline the purpose, membership and terms of reference of the Academic Standards and Risk Committee.


The Academic Standards and Risk Committee is limited to the Higher Education operations of the College.


1 Purpose

The Academic Standards and Risk Committee of Eastern College Australia is a subcommittee of the Academic Board and, as such, has responsibility, delegated by the Academic Board, to examine the quality of teaching and learning at ECA, monitor course and student outcomes,  analyse risks and advise the Academic Board of any actions it should consider. .

2 Terms of Reference 

The Academic Board delegates the following to the Academic Standards and Risk Committee:
1. Student Support and Monitoring

  • Review student results and make determinations about student progress, monitor attrition, and grading requirements
  • Recommend students ready for graduation to the Academic Board
  • Monitor approvals for requests for transfer credit
  • Monitor the outcomes of reports of plagiarism and formal grievances and prepare a summary report of incidents to the AB every 6 months
  • Receive and review comparative data on the tracking of grade distributions over time for units, areas of study, modes, locations and courses.
  • Review student feedback reports, analyse risks, and make recommendations to the Academic Board of actions to improve the quality of delivery and teaching.

2. Policy review and implementation

  • Review Academic policies and other information
  • Monitor and ensure that all relevant policies, along with any other relevant or required information, are available and accessible to students in accordance with the Standards
  • Ensure that all policies are in accordance with relevant legislation

3. Standards and Compliance

  • Receive a regular report from the Dean of Studies regarding Compliance with the Higher Education Standards (HESF)
  • Review external benchmarking requests

4. Reporting

  • Provide Minutes of all meetings to the Academic Board
  • Make recommendations to the Academic Board

3 Membership

Members of the Academic Board 

      1. Dean of Studies (Chair)
      2. Vice Principal Academic
      3. External Academic Board consultant

The Chairperson may co-opt other staff to the Committee when required.  These will normally be, but are not limited to:

  1. The Registrar
  2. Course Coordinators
  3. Subject Area Coordinators
  4. Dean of Faculty

5 Meetings of the Committee

The Committee will ordinarily meet:

  • On a monthly basis
  • At the end of each study period with input from the Registrar and course coordinators to review student results and progress