Accreditation of Faculty and Other Academics as Research Supervisors


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To provide a process whereby faculty and other academics can be accredited by Eastern College Australia as research supervisors.

Approved on: 23 Apr 2018
Review cycle: 1 Year
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Learning, Teaching and Research Committee

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Academic Board

Policy Contact: 
Director of Research

To provide a process whereby faculty and other academics can be accredited by Eastern College Australia as research supervisors.


This policy applies to all faculty and other academics seeking accreditation as research supervisors with Eastern College Australia, and all staff responsible for processing accreditation requests.


1. Eastern College Australia will not accredit faculty or other academics as research supervisors for doctoral projects.

2. Faculty or other academics currently accredited at another Australian Higher Education Provider and/or Australian University will receive automatic accreditation by Eastern College Australia once proof of accreditation is demonstrated to the Director of Research. Proof may include a certificate of attainment, a letter of accreditation or other document issued by the accrediting institution. If a faculty member has lost proof of their accreditation a statutory declaration can be submitted by the faculty member or academic to the Director of Research alongside evidence of supervision of a successful doctoral candidate. Accreditation will also be given if a faculty member or academic has not been approved elsewhere, but can prove that they have been the primary supervisor for a successful doctoral candidate.

3. If a faculty member or academic is not accredited elsewhere but wishes to become a research supervisor accredited by Eastern College Australia they must fulfil the following criteria:

a. Have successfully completed a doctorate or demonstrated a work history within a field or discipline (for no less than five years) consistent with the functions of a research supervisor. This will include a demonstrated ability to:

i. work within a legislative framework
ii. work within an ethical framework
iii. lead projects from design, through implementation, to evaluation of outcomes
iv. manage/mentor staff
v. published within a field/discipline

b. Submit to the Director of Research:

i. a portfolio of relevant documents related to the good conduct of research. These may reasonably include national statements and/or codes of practice.
ii. a portfolio of relevant institutional policies and procedures.
iii. one relevant written assessment as negotiated with the Director of Research (approx. 2000 words in length) from a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education or similar qualification. The assessment is to have been successfully completed.

4. A register of accredited research supervisors will be kept by the College and be made available to students who are to pursue post-graduate studies.