Sexual Harassment Policy


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Wed, 21 August 2013

To outline the College position on sexual harrassment.

Approved on: 05 May 2004
Amended on: 21 Aug 2013
Review cycle: 3 Years
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Eastern College Australia is committed to the biblical belief that each man, woman and child is created in the image of God as a unique individual of great dignity and worth. Therefore the College seeks to ensure that the dignity of every staff member, volunteer, student and visitor to the College is respected at all times. The College is a Christian organisation that at all times seeks to teach biblical precepts by instruction and example. Therefore, staff and students are expected to demonstrate biblical standards of behaviour at all times. Sexual harassment is an affront to the dignity of an individual, contrary to biblical patterns of behaviour and totally unacceptable to the College. Furthermore, sexual harassment is unlawful in all States and Territories of Australia under State or Territory legislation and/or under the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act, 1984 (as amended in 2011 and again in 2013 to strengthen protections against sexual harrassment, including in the workplace).


To outline the College position on sexual harrassment.


This policy applies College-wide.


sexual harrassment - unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that a reasonable person would anticipate could possibly make the person feel harrassed, feel offended, humiliated ot intimidated.



Protection Against Sexual Harassment

Eastern College Australia will take the following steps to ensure that staff, students, voluntary workers and visitors are protected from sexual harassment and have access to appropriate help should it occur:

  • The Strategic Leadership Group of the College will be instructed in how to deal with complaints of sexual harassment;
  • Sexual harassment contact officers for the College will be appointed and trained;
  • The sexual harassment contact officers for the College will be the Principal or any member of the College Board;
  • Information about sexual harassment contact officers will be made available to all employees, volunteers and students;
  • Any complaint will be treated seriously and confidentially and will be dealt with quickly and impartially;
  • All will be assured that there will be no victimisation of, or prejudice towards, complainants or persons giving information about a complaint;
  • All necessary measures will be taken to prevent the recurrence of the offence;
  • Records of all complaints and of the actions taken will be kept strictly confidential.

Responsibilities of a Sexual Harassment Contact Officer

The contact officer will provide:

  • advice on options available for dealing with an incident of sexual harassment
  • information to workers and students on matters relating to sexual harassment
  • ongoing support to those who believe they are subject to sexual harassment.

The contact officer is not responsible for investigating or resolving sexual harassment complaints and is not to function as a mediator or arbitrator. The contact officer may take brief notes on the matter which should be kept totally confidential and destroyed as soon as the matter is resolved.

Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure

If a staff member, volunteer, visitor or student of the College feels that he/she is being sexually harassed, the College recommends that the complainant address the problem as soon as possible in one of the following ways:

  • telling the harasser that the behaviour is objectionable and that he/she does not want it repeated;
  • discussing the situation with a sexual harassment contact officer or the Principal who will advise about possible courses of action;
  • discussing the situation with a sexual harassment contact officer who will advise about possible courses of action;
  • lodging a formal written complaint with the Board of Eastern College Australia, via the chairperson, at the following address:- The Chairperson, Eastern College Australia, Board, 44-60 jacksons Road, Mulgrave Vic 3170.
  • seek advice from, or lodge a complaint with, the Equal Opportunity Commission (Level 3/380 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Vic 3000 (ph) 03 9281 7111: e-mail Of course, Eastern College would prefer to deal with complaints internally where possible.

Complainants are advised to keep a detailed written record of incidents involving sexual harassment.

This policy statement will be made available to all employees, volunteers and students.


Sex Discrimination Act 1984.