Quality Improvement Survey Policy


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This policy specifies the surveys the College conducts, or participates in, for the purposes of Quality Improvement.

Approved on: 10 Nov 2022
Review cycle: 3 Years
Owned by

Academic Standards and Risk Committee

Approved by

Academic Board

Policy Contact: 
Dean of Studies

As part of its quality management system, the College specifies where and how it receives data from surveys as one of the inputs to bring about quality improvement.


This policy specifies the surveys the College conducts, or participates in, for the purposes of Quality Improvement.


This policy applies to Higher Education Courses and Students.


1 Introduction

Multiple student surveys track student attitudes and feedback across the student lifecycle in the College.

2 Surveys Participated In

The College will participate in the following surveys run by QILT (Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching)

  • Graduate Outcome Survey (GOS)
  • Graduate Outcome Survey Longitudinal (GOS-L)
  • Student Experience Survey (SES)
  • Employer Satisfaction Survey (EES)

When results are returned a report, with a list of recommendations for Quality Improvements, will be submitted to the Learning Teaching and Research Committee by the Dean of Studies.

The Learning, Teaching and Research Committee will send the report with the list of agreed actions to the Academic Board.

Survey results will be made available to students through the QILT website.

3 Surveys Conducted

These internal surveys are conducted online utilising College information and services.

Survey Name  Short Name Quality Improvement Area   Initiation  
New Student Survey   Transition into College   Dean of Studies (Week 4)  
Early Student Perception of Unit Delivery Survey Early-SPUD Formative feedback on delivery   Lecturer  
Student Perception of Unit Delivery Survey SPUD Unit/Course development
Lecturer development
Overall College Quality
  Dean of Studies  
Parallel Unit Survey (within SPUD as applicable) Parallel Unit Experience Teaching & Learning   Dean of Studies  
Practicum Survey (within SPUD as applicable) Practicum Survey Placements   Dean of Studies  

All surveys initiated by Administration will be summarised and reported to the Learning, Teaching and Research Committee with recommendations or actions for Quality Improvements and forwarded to the Academic Board for review of Quality Improvements.

SPUD survey results are provided to lecturers and course coordinators, with relevant aspects, actions and improvements reported in the Annual Course Review documentation.

At the instigation of any College Dean, students may be invited to participate in additional cross-institutional surveys through College communications.


Changes in the Learning and Teaching Plan due to student feedback.
Annual Course Reviews