VET - Operations

Title Approved on Purpose
Co-operation with Government Authorities Policy - VET Friday, 16 February, 2024

To ensure that the College meets its obligations to comply with requests from the VET Regulator, the Victorian Government's designated authority overseeing funding for education/training, or other government regulatory authorities.

Co-operation with Government Authorities Procedures - VET Friday, 16 February, 2024

To establish responsibilities for the ensuring that the College, and third parties who deliver VET courses on behalf of the College, respond appropriately to the VET Regulator, the VET funding authority, and any other government authority.

Delivery with Other Parties - Performance Monitoring and Reporting Policy - VET Wednesday, 28 February, 2024

This policy stipulates the risk management and quality assurance processes that must be applied to all of the College’s VET courses delivery with other parties arrangements.

Marketing and Advertising Policy - VET Friday, 16 February, 2024

This policy ensures that the College disseminates accurate and current information about itself and its services to the public, especially to all VET students - domestic, overseas, current, intending or prospective.

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